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Latin America

OpenArchive has two active partnerships in the Latin America region.

In Spring 2023, OpenArchive partnered with ALDEA Foundation, an Ecuadorian organization that aims to collectively design strategies with people, communities, and territories to advance development in human rights, gender equity, and interculturality. OpenArchive’s partnership with ALDEA will advance this project by helping integrate reliable workflow tools, develop compatible storage systems, and strengthen information management strategies.

In 2023, OpenArchive also partnered with Cubalex – a Cuban NGO that defends and promotes human rights as a form of social transformation through legal aid and other resources. Cubalex is one of the primary organizations documenting abuse against protesters and other human rights defenders and one of the organization’s top priorities is documenting and preserving evidence. OpenArchive’s partnership with Cubalex aims to expand the organization’s capacity to document and store evidence safely and securely.

Below you’ll find use cases, press releases, and updates from our co-research with our Ecuadorian and Cuban community partners.


The following profiles represent potential Save users based on our needs assessment research with communities in the Latin America region.