Who We Are

OpenArchive is a veteran research and development organization dedicated to
the ethical collection and long-term preservation of mobile media.
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What We Do

OpenArchive conducts research and collaborates with human rights defenders and at-risk communities
to create responsive, secure, and ethical archiving technologies for mobile media.
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What We've Made


Share · Archive · Verify · Encrypt

Save is a new mobile media app designed by OpenArchive to help citizen reporters and eyewitnesses around the world preserve, protect, authenticate, and amplify what they’ve documented.

  • Share

    • Uploads your verified media to your own secure server such as Nextcloud, Internet Archive, or DropBox.
    • Enables you to grant access to your shared media and communicate your intentions for future use by easily generating a Creative Commons license, allowing others to reuse or remix it.
    • Keeps your media safe and organized for the long-term by saving multiple copies on different, secure servers not controlled by corporate interests.
    • Creates in-app project folders that map to your personal or organizational media archive.
  • Archive

  • Verify

    • Authenticates and verifies your media with sha256 hashes and optional Proofmode.
    • Captures and includes critical metadata like notes, people, and location with each upload.
    • Automatically uploads over TLS (Transport Layer Security) to protect your media in-transit.
    • To further enhance security, install Orbot on Android (aka Tor for mobile) to prevent interception of your media as it travels from your phone to its destination.
  • Encrypt