A free, open-source mobile application dedicated to maintaining
the privacy, provenance, and preservation of your media.


Currently available for Android, highlights include adding metadata and Creative Commons licensing to audiovisual mobile media and sending it to the Internet Archive over Tor.

Secure Preservation

OpenArchive preserves, amplifies, and routes mobile media to user-created collections in an accessible public trust, outside the corporate walled gardens currently dominating the online media ecosystem.

People armed with mobile devices are becoming history’s first responders, amassing rich, contextualized, and crucial records of today’s breaking news. However, most of these recordings presently reside on social media platforms that can chill free speech and are subject to government censorship, privacy breaches, and data loss. While social media is an acceptable distribution platform, it does not provide sufficient privacy protections or archival preservation of this vital media.

We are doing better.

OpenArchive fosters a virtual commons where civil liberties are protected, in the process creating a world where the people’s history is a primary history.