Protect, Authenticate, Preserve

OpenArchive makes it easy to share, store, and amplify your mobile media.

We use a suite of privacy-enhancing technologies to protect your freedom of speech by safeguarding your media in the event of internet shutdowns, device confiscations, content takedowns, limited bandwidth, and data loss.


Free and open source, OpenArchive is currently available for Android, highlights include adding metadata and Creative Commons licensing to audiovisual mobile media and sending it to the Internet Archive over Tor.

  • Creative Commons

    Ensure those who wish to reuse or remix your media know your intention for futue use by answering 3 simple questions that will generate the relevant Creative Commons license.

  • Nearby Sharing

    Share your media locally to others using the application via Bluetooth, no Internet access required!

  • Secure Transit

    By using Orbot, which is Tor (The Onion Router) for mobile, you ensure that no one can intercept your media as it travels from your phone to the archive.

  • Authentication

    Ensure your media is authenticated by having full control, without intereference from intermediaries, during its lifecycle from phone to archive.

  • Distributed Backends

    Protect your media by creating multiple copies on different secure servers. Whether hosting locally and remote, or storing your media on two or more remote servers, your data is encrypted and only accessible by you.

  • Long-Term Storage

    Verify and access your media for generations to come by saving a copy at the Internet Archive.