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Eastern Europe

OpenArchive has an active partnership in Eastern Europe.

OpenArchive partnered with the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHPG) to support and enhance their impressive archival work. KHPG documents, preserves, and uses evidentiary media to hold Russia accountable for its war crimes and bring justice to the Ukrainian people.

This partnership bolsters KHPG’s work by supporting a decentralized archivist community of journalists, historians, lawyers, and other on-the-ground eyewitnesses to facilitate trainings on best practices for archiving and digital security in active war zones.

Below you’ll find use cases, press releases, and updates from our co-research with our Ukrainian community partners.

Regional Updates

Read more about our Eastern Europe work in these posts:

Memo from Kharkiv: mapping the realities of Ukrainian documenter communities

Our recent needs assessment offers an insightful glimpse into the realities, challenges, and opportunities that Ukrainian human rights defenders are facing in their efforts to document and expose war crimes.


The following profiles represent potential Save users based on our needs assessment research with communities in Ukraine.