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RoleDocumenter for KHPG partner organization
SkillsCaptures evidence first-hand – in the form of mobile media, testimonials, and/or primary source research – and inputs this information into a larger body or collection of evidence.
Base LocationKharkiv
Nadia is a documenter with a KHPG partner organization.
Nadia is based in Kharkiv and travels throughout eastern Ukraine to conduct her work.
Nadia uses an iPhone to capture and share evidence.
She communicates with sources, and sends sensitive information, through both secure and insecure messaging apps. She stores information and evidence on corporate cloud storage platforms.
While in the office or at home, Nadia prefers to use WiFi for security and connectivity/speed reasons. While working in conflict zones, Nadia prefers to use mobile data, if available, because it is more secure.

Nadia's Case Summary


  • Documenting war crimes
  • Collecting evidence of human rights abuses in various conflict-zone contexts
  • Adding evidentiary documentation to a collaborative, secure database

Goals and Motivations

  • Amplifying the voices and realities of Ukrainian citizens to advance accountability and justice


  • Kharkiv region
  • Outdoors in conflict zones (streets, civilian infrastructure, neighborhoods, etc.)
  • Indoors in conflict zones (detention centers, bunkers, etc.)
  • Office/home in Kharkiv


  • More comprehensive information and communication regarding attacks and hostilities
  • Technical training for team to streamline workflows and reduce risk of losing or compromising information

Pain points

  • Nadia has intermittent internet access as internet is often cut off during electricity outages in the region
  • In her work, Nadia faces physical danger, power/internet outages, occasional threats from authorities
  • Inconsistent technical capacities and vocabularies among team
  • Incomplete information regarding attacks and hostilities
  • Bureaucracy from local authorities


  • Comprehensive technical trainings for team
  • Workflow tools that are not dependent on internet connection