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RoleMedia Project Manager
SkillsOversees and manages the reception, organization, and potential distribution of media/data.
Base LocationSudan (unspecified city)
Nasser is a Media Project Manager at a local Sudanese media organization.
He works from an office.
Nasser uses a Samsung phone.
Nasser communicates with sources, and sends sensitive information, through both secure and insecure messaging apps. He stores information and evidence on corporate cloud storage platforms.
He has inconsistent access to the internet and often bounces between WiFi and mobile data depending on what is available, but mostly Nasser relies on WiFi.

Nasser's Case Summary


  • Verifying information and collecting accounts from documenters to produce reports and advocacy briefs.
  • Conducting fact-checking to confirm events on the ground.
  • Producing accurate reports and recommendations that can inform the community.

Goals and Motivations

  • Presenting information about current events to a larger audience in an accessible format so that people can be appropriately informed and find news approachable even in times of tragedy.


  • Working out of an office


  • Stronger and more consistent access to internet (and safer access)
  • Technical training
  • Resources and tools that don’t rely on connectivity
  • Increased cooperation between stakeholders (documenters, journalists, humanitarian workers, etc.)

Pain points

  • Power outages and unstable internet connection interrupt workflow and can compromise files.
  • Concerns about unsecure WiFi networks.
  • Increased risks of hacking, malware, etc.
  • Mobile internet can be expensive since Nasser requires a large volume of data to be able to process all the multimedia content.


  • Funding for technology
  • Technical trainings
  • Resources that boost or map connectivity
  • Resources that focus on fostering collaboration and teamwork between various stakeholders
  • Centralized communication tools and pathways