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OpenArchive’s U.S. Protest Survival Guide

Harm reduction for documenting protests

Planning on documenting a protest or action in your community?

We created OpenArchive’s U.S. Protest Survival Guide with and for citizen reporters, community organizers, and legal observers dedicated to tracking evidence of police violence, far-right extremism, and human rights abuses.

In it, we share best practices and harm reduction measures for documenting crucial evidence while also protecting at-risk groups from danger and retraumatization.

Use this guide and our secure mobile archiving app Save to keep yourselves and your media safe!


  • How to combat surveillance;
  • What to bring to a protest (and what not to bring);
  • What you should be documenting;
  • What to do if you’re arrested (or if you see someone else get arrested);
  • What you should consider before sharing evidentiary media.


the pdf