Save is a mobile app designed to help users preserve, protect, and amplify audio/visual media. It is a project of OpenArchive and is free, open-source, and currently available for Android (iOS coming soon!). Functionalities include adding metadata and Creative Commons licensing to audio/visual mobile media and sending it to the Internet Archive and other archives over the privacy-focused Tor network.

Save by OpenArchive makes it easy to store, share, and amplify your mobile media while protecting your identity.

Our mobile application protects your freedom of speech by leveraging a suite of privacy-enhancing technologies to safeguard your media and identity in the event of internet shutdowns, surveillance, device confiscations, content takedowns, limited bandwidth, and data loss.

Save's Features

Save Mobile Media for Long-Term Storage: Access your media for generations to come by saving a copy in a trusted repository committed to longevity and interoperability: either the Internet Archive or your own private server (such as OwnCloud or NextCloud).

Store Copies in Multiple Locations: Protect your media by creating multiple copies on different secure servers. Whether hosting locally or remotely, your data can be encrypted on the backend and only accessible by you and those you authorize.

Authenticate Media: Ensure your media is authenticated by having full control, without interference from intermediaries, during its lifecycle from phone to archive.

Send media via Secure Transit: By using Tor (The Onion Router) for mobile (Orbot on Android and iOS coming soon), you ensure that no one can intercept your media as it travels from your phone to the Internet Archive or your local server.

Nearby/Offline share: Share your mobile media with other OpenArchive users nearby via Bluetooth or AirDrop, even when no wifi or cellular connection is present. No Internet access required!

Add Creative Commons Licensing: Ensure those who wish to reuse or remix your media know your intention for future use by choosing from 3 simple options that will generate the relevant Creative Commons license.

Who Is Save For?

  • Human rights organizations who are collecting evidence and documentation of abuses;
  • Academic organizations who receive media from the field, which may be sensitive or targeted;
  • Journalists / News Organizations who receive sensitive information from often vulnerable sources, who need to protect sources’ media and personal details from interception
  • Archivists and Librarians who want to create community collections at the Internet Archive or other backends (such as academic or institutional servers)
  • Individuals / Freelance documentarians / Citizen Journalists who are interested in curating their own collections
Read the Save FAQ.