The new mobile media app for citizen reporters and eyewitnesses

Save is an easy-to-use app designed to help you store, share, and amplify your mobile media while ensuring your identity remains protected. It's also free, open-source, and available for iOS and Android.

Capturing media on mobile phones plays a critical role in exposing global injustice in today’s world—but citizen journalists and eyewitnesses need a better way to ensure the evidence they’ve captured is shared and stored in a secure manner. Enter Save. Designed with extensive community input, the app shifts power into the hands of those on the front lines by streamlining media workflows to facilitate rapid response and reporting. With Save, you can now safely share, archive, verify, and encrypt your media without subsequent fear of censorship, surveillance, or retribution.

Core Features

Unlike other media-sharing tools, Save offers a suite of responsive features that streamline secure preservation based on community input and our commitment to digital inclusion.

Save helps you:

  • Authenticate Media: With Save, you can be sure your media is always authenticated because you have full control—without interference from intermediaries—from phone to archive. And, when paired with Proofmode (available now for Android, iOS coming soon), you can even add sensor data to corroborate the metadata captured alongside your media.

  • Send Media via Secure Transit: Save always uses TLS to ensure in-transit security and encryption. And, when you enable Tor for mobile (either via Orbot: Tor for Android or Onion Browser for iOS ), you add an additional layer of protection to ensure no one can intercept your media as it travels from your phone to the Internet Archive or your server of choice.

  • Preserve Mobile Media for Long-Term Access: When you use Save to archive your mobile media in a trusted repository committed to longevity and interoperability (such as the Internet Archive or OwnCloud), you ensure unobstructed access to it for generations to come. This stands in stark contrast to popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

  • Communicate Your Intentions for Future Use: Through Save you can grant access to your shared media and communicate your intentions for future use by easily generating a Creative Commons license allowing for others to reuse or remix your work.

  • Simplify Organizational Workflows: Save's easy-to-use design allows teams, as well as individuals, to seamlessly streamline media from many phones into organized folders unique to each contributor.

Additional Features

With Save you can also:

  • Add Metadata and Flag Significant Content: Save lets you add metadata to your archived media like location, people, and notes. You can also flag certain media as “significant” as a reminder to yourself, or to prepare reviewers for what they will see.

  • Import Media from Other Apps: Save allows you to import and share media from other apps on your phone, including audio, notes, and pdfs.

  • Store Copies in Multiple Locations: With Save you can further protect your media by creating and storing multiple copies on different secure servers. Whether hosting locally or remotely, your data can be encrypted on the backend and only accessible by you and those you authorize.

  • View Progress and Prioritize Uploads: When storing media via Save, you can watch how much content has been uploaded and prioritize particular media over others.

Our Community

We designed Save for individuals and organizations all across the globe, including:

  • Human rights organizations collecting evidence of violations;
  • Academic organizations accepting targeted media from the field;
  • Journalists and news organizations receiving sensitive information from vulnerable sources whose identity and information must be protected from interception;
  • Archivists and librarians working to create community collections at the Internet Archive or other digital libraries; and
  • Individuals, freelance documentarians, and citizen journalists interested in curating their own mobile media collections.

Getting Started

Save protects your freedom of speech by leveraging a suite of privacy-enhancing technologies to safeguard your media and identity in the event of internet shutdowns, surveillance, device confiscations, content takedowns, limited bandwidth, and data loss.

To get started, simply follow these three easy steps!

Step One: Download Save for Android or iOS.

Step Two: Maximize the effects of Save’s privacy-enhancing features by downloading Orbot: Tor for Android or Onion Browser for iOS.

Step Three: Watch our video tutorials and follow along on your phone:


We’re here to help. Read our FAQs here, our rationale behind creating Save here, and our press release announcing Save’s launch here.

Still couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us here.