Preserving Truth to Power - A Guide to Ethically Documenting and Archiving Protests in the US

Know Your Rights, Check Your Risks, Press Record!

Print it. Fold it. Share it.

We are witnessing and documenting more human rights abuses in the US than ever before. Whether you document abuse at demonstrations, police brutality, or other human rights violations, you may have footage to preserve for justice and accountability efforts. We created this guide to help you make your evidence count!

Our printable zine contains resources and advice on how to keep you and your media safe during protests and beyond:

  • Equip yourself with the tools and information *before* attending demonstrations so you will be prepared.
  • Prepare yourself for potential risks you can face such as harassment, police surveillance, doxxing and media manipulation.
  • Learn about our constitutional rights you can use to stay safe in case of abuse or arrest.
  • Download tools that protect you by circumventing censorship, preventing data loss, and securing safe communication.

Know Your Rights
Check Your Risks
Press Record! 📸

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This work would not be possible without the Black folx leading this revolution + orgs like the EFF, ACLU, WITNESS, the Blackivists, Berkeley CopWatch, Access Now, the Tor Project + countless others.