OpenAchive's Guide to Preserving Truth to Power - 2021

Learn how to ethically and safely store sensitive mobile media

OpenArchive’s new guide, Preserving Truth to Power, was created with and for citizen reporters and human rights defenders documenting injustice.

In it, we share best practices for how to ethically and safely store sensitive mobile media, such as evidence of human rights violations, social movements, or everyday citizen reporting. We also include a mini tutorial for how to do this by using our free, open source tool Save as well as share which long-term storage solutions are best when working with vulnerable sources to help them more safely preserve, protect, and amplify what they’ve documented.


  • who our work is for;
  • what mobile media you want to securely preserve;
  • why you need to archive evidence securely;
  • how you can safely preserve your mobile media;
  • where your media goes.


the pdf, the pngs, and shareable media for Instagram and Twitter.