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SkillsSimultaneously records evidence/documents information while also developing, maintaining, and growing a database where these records and information are stored and potentially analyzed.
Base LocationBaghdad
Noor is a researcher at an anonymous human rights organization.
Noor works from an office in Baghdad and also from the field.
Noor uses a Samsung phone.
Noor receives media directly from sources as well as from documenters collecting OSINT (scraping media from social media and other public sites) and on the ground footage.
Noor typically uses WiFi when she is based in Baghdad and then switches to cellular data when traveling.

Noor's Case Summary


  • Monitoring and documenting human rights violations first-hand
  • Preserving and archiving witness testimony
  • Conducting OSINT research on related issues
  • Drafting reports and briefs for the organization’s legal team.

Goals and Motivations

  • Investigating and making public the human rights abuses taking place
  • Identify those accountable, so that legal experts can protect and advocate for those experiencing human rights violations.
  • Preserve information and multimedia content that researchers use in their investigations.


  • Baghdad region
  • Working out of an office space
  • Regular travel to other parts of Iraq to document events and human rights violations


  • Updated technology to boost the speed of documenting and preserving evidence
  • Legal protections , especially in time-sensitive cases.
  • Increased data packages to access mobile internet

Pain points

  • For OSINT-related work, content is often deleted before it can be verified and preserved.
  • A lack of legal protections make Noor’s research dangerous and she has been a target of attack and arrest previously.
  • Outdated technology slows workflows
  • Limited data plans make it difficult to upload, download, and share multimedia files while on the road.


  • Funding for updated technology
  • Funding for mobile internet
  • Supporting organizational advocacy to support efforts for greater protection.