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RoleIndependent journalist and human rights defender
SkillsRecords evidence and documents information first-hand
Base LocationMosul
Mohamed is an independent journalist and human rights defender.
He is based in Mosul and often travels to Baghdad and other part of Iraq for his documentation and advocacy work.
Mohamed uses a Samsung Galaxy phone to capture and share evidence.
He communicates with sources, and sends sensitive information, through both secure and insecure messaging apps. He stores information and evidence on corporate cloud storage platforms.
When working from an office, Mohamed prefers to connect to secure WiFi. While working in the field, Nadia prefers to use mobile data, if available, because it is more secure. However, his mobile data plan is limited to 5 GB per month.

Mohamed's Case Summary


  • Collecting witness/survivor testimony and multimedia evidence.
  • Advocating for human-rights-oriented policies and practices.

Goals and Motivations

  • Incentivizing reform within the Iraqi legislative system to bring more rights to civilians, journalists, and other human rights defenders.


  • Mosul region
  • Working out of community organizing offices
  • Some travel to Baghdad for activism
  • Some travel to other parts of Iraq to document events and human rights violations


  • Digital security training
  • Legislation that protects civilians to document evidence and peacefully demonstrate

Pain points

  • Lack of consistent internet access
  • Insecure WiFi networks
  • Gaps in training (especially related to digital security)


  • Technical trainings that focus on digital security.