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RoleProject Manager
SkillsOversees and manages the reception, organization, and potential distribution of media/data.
Base LocationQuito, Ecuador
Miguel is a project manager working with the Latin American Association for Alternative Development (ALDEA).
He works from an office in Quito, Ecuador.
Miguel prefers to connect to the internet via WiFi.
Miguel uses a Samsung Galaxy.
Miguel uses Google Drive, Cloud storage, and a local online server to store the media he receives from his documenter colleagues.

Miguel's Case Summary


  • Supporting researchers by organizing documentation, producing backups of media content, and providing IT guidance

Goals and Motivations

  • Aiding Indigenous territorial organizations in a collective effort to protect and respect the land and the people in the regions where gold mining is occurring


  • Working out of an office in Quito, Ecuador


  • Technical training
  • Equipment to boost capacity to manage high volume of media
  • More personnel to offer IT support to staff and partner organizations

Pain points

  • Limited availability and capacity of technical equipment
  • Limited organization of the digital archive and information support
  • Not enough internal infrastructure to effectively and efficiently create backups of documentation


  • Funding for technology/equipment and new staff to increase capacity
  • Technical trainings related to archiving