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SkillsCaptures and records evidence first-hand – in the form of mobile media, testimonials, and/or primary source research – and inputs this information into a larger body or collection of evidence.
Base LocationEsmeraldas, Ecuador
Juanita is a researcher with Unión de Organizadores Campesinas de Esmeraldas (UOCE).
Juanita is based in Esmeraldas and travels throughout rural villages and communities.
Juanita uses a Samsung phone to capture and share evidence.
She collects and systematizes quantitative and qualitative information for mapping and documenting the impact of gold mining on local communities.
Juanita prefers to connect to the internet via WiFi over cellular data because there is no cell coverage in many of the regions in which she works.

Juanita's Case Summary


  • Generating qualitative and quantitative evidentiary records to contribute to the advocacy efforts of Indigenous and other rural communities facing health and environmental risks from mining and other extraction work.
  • Using and organizing evidentiary documentation to file cases to defend land rights in protected areas.

Goals and Motivations

  • Holding gold mining companies accountable for the severe impact of extraction on the environment and the health and safety of local communities.
  • Increasing the capacity of Indigenous territorial organizations to document the impacts of gold mining and advocate for change.


  • Rural communities and villages in the Esmeraldas province
  • Sites of gold mining operations


  • Consistent and increased internet/data connectivity
  • Technical trainings (especially related to digital security)

Pain points

  • Risks from verbal threats, digital threats, and the local environment (including animals such as snakes and jaguars)
  • Fear of retaliation from the companies UOCE is filing complaints against


  • Technical trainings
  • Resources that boost or map connectivity
  • Physical and digital security training