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RoleProgram Investigator
SkillsSimultaneously records evidence/documents information while also developing, maintaining, and growing a database where these records and information from other sources are stored and used to advance legal action, develop educational materials, and build relationships with other human rights defencers and organizations.
Base LocationQuito, Ecuador
Jaime is a Program Investigator at the Latin American Association for Alternative Development (ALDEA).
Jaime works from a home office in Quito.
Jaime connects to the internet via WiFi and cellular data, depending on the context.
Jaime uses an iPhone.
Jaime is invested not only in documenting and organizing evidence, but also in mobilizing his documentation and the documentation/OSINT from others to create educational and training materials for others.
Jaime primarily uses the ALDEA cloud, and occasionally Google Drive, to store media.

Jaime's Case Summary


  • Obtain testimonies from those affected by the mining operations
  • Configure files for transfer and use in legal proceedings
  • Develop presentations and educational material
  • Facilitate learning and training of field technicians and community organizers

Goals and Motivations

  • Building coalitions with local human rights defender communities to strengthen information sharing streams and harnessing a collective power to confront the exploitative and dangerous mining practices


  • Office in Quito and traveling throughout Ecuador


  • Increased funding and resources to support work
  • Support to build communication and relationships with other local organizations that are addressing the same issues

Pain points

  • Bureaucracy slows down the workflow
  • Corruption at various government levels
  • Scarcity of funding and resources
  • Underdeveloped relationships and communication channels between local organizations, human rights defenders, and campaigns
  • Threats of digital and verbal threats, internet shutdowns, and data loss


  • Funding for resources to expand organizational capacity
  • Support for, and investment in, relationship building between stakeholders
  • Community training on risk management and mitigation