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RoleFreelance reporter and editor
SkillsCollects, monitors, and analyzes evidence, and maintains a database of human rights abuses.
Base LocationMexico City, Mexico
Isabella uses an Android phone and connects to the internet using cellular data and Wi-Fi

Isabella's Case Summary


  • Runs journalistic investigations and organizes an archive of testimonies and evidence of human rights violations, including the activities of extremist groups and the murders of journalists in the country.

Goals and Motivations

  • Isabella is motivated by a desire to expose human rights violations in her country and seeks accountability for perpetrators of violence.


  • She works from her home office and from the field when she is collecting evidence.


  • The ability to easily and efficiently manage access to her archives.
  • More digital security tools.
  • Workflow tools to help streamline her work.
  • The resources to help her balance the security of her archive with ease of use.
  • Better knowledge about and access to digital tools like AI workflow aids.

Pain points

  • Isabella is nervous about losing media or her phone.
  • She is concerned about malware and hacking on her devices.
  • She worries about her identity being exposed and facing physical danger.


  • Digital security training.
  • Workshops on secure archiving and servers.
  • Integration of workflow tools, like Save.