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SkillsRecords testimonies and evidence of human rights violations while writing legal resources, organizing documentation, and coordinating legal action.
Base LocationBuenos Aires, Argentina
Elena is a lawyer working at Justicia11J, an organization that verifies, updates, and disseminates information on public protests and political arrests in Cuba.
Elena uses an iPhone and connects to the internet via WiFi.

Elena's Case Summary


  • Obtain testimonies of witnesses or victims of human rights violations
  • Provide those detained for protesting with legal advice and assistance
  • Draft legal reports and documentation

Goals and Motivations

  • Elena’s goal is to support those detained for protesting in Cuba, analyze trends in political detentions, and present findings and legal reports to international human rights institutions


  • Elena works from a home office in a city in Argentina


  • Online privacy protections
  • Secure communication methods
  • More streamlined workflows

Pain points

  • Concerns about cyber-surveillance and hacking
  • Privacy violations of those they are working to support in Cuba
  • Attacks from the government
  • Internet shutdowns in Cuba create a communication barrier
  • Clients not understanding the process or what legal assistance they require
  • Overwhelming amounts of messages


  • Privacy and digital security training
  • Encrypted communication tools