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RoleInvestigation Coordinator
SkillsOrganizes and coordinates the work of multiple organizations and maintains a record management system.
Base LocationMexico City, Mexico
Diego uses an iPhone and prefers to connect to the internet using a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Diego's Case Summary


  • Diego’s job focuses on creating and managing databases, including databases that preserve the work of murdered journalists and ones that document the work of human rights defending communities. Aside from managing databases, he also works to create reports, educational videos, and graphics, and works to spread awareness of human rights violations.

Goals and Motivations

  • He is passionate about preserving the memory of past and present movements and journalistic work, and generating more public awareness and calls to action to combat violent government repression of civil movements.


  • Diego works in an office in Mexico City.


  • Diego would like more networking opportunities and collaborations with other organizations.
  • He wants more technical tools to assist his work and trainings on the best archiving practices.
  • Diego wishes he had more personnel and financial resources.

Pain points

  • Diego faces difficulties accessing information from the government.
  • He is worried about government cyber attacks due to the nature of his work.
  • He has various security concerns including: digital surveillance, hacking, phone tapping, and confiscation of devices.
  • He finds his workflows are often cumbersome, and has challenges finding the balance between ensuring his databases are both secure and easy to use.


  • Encrypted communication tools
  • Privacy and digital security training