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RoleProject Manager
SkillsOversees and manages the reception, organization, and potential distribution of media/data.
Base LocationSulaymaniyah, KRI
Arazu is a project manager at INSM-Iraq.
She works from an office in Sulaymaniyah.
Arazu uses an iPhone.
Arazu communicates with sources, and sends sensitive information, through both secure and insecure messaging apps. She stores information and evidence on corporate cloud storage platforms.
Arazu has consistent access to WiFi when working from an office or home environment. She prefers to access the internet via WiFi because of increased privacy and control.

Arazu's Case Summary


  • Verifying information and collecting accounts from documenters to produce reports and advocacy briefs.
  • Conducting fact-checking to confirm events on the ground.
  • Producing accurate reports and recommendations that can effectively shape policy.

Goals and Motivations

  • Recording a complete history of the information authorities attempt to obscure
  • Reshaping policy.


  • Sulaymaniyah region
  • Working out of an office or home office


  • Stronger and more consistent access to internet
  • Technical training (especially related to archiving and digital security)
  • More secure software
  • Legislation that offers human rights defenders increased protection from authorities.

Pain points

  • Power outages and unstable internet connection interrupt workflow and can compromise files.


  • Technical trainings that focus on digital security and archiving.
  • Resources that boost or map connectivity.
  • Software that prioritizes privacy and security.