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SkillsLegal expert, field research, interviews, documentation
In the past, I would have transferred data to my laptop and uploaded it from there, but I don't do that anymore. I only upload media from my mobile device now.
Anna is a researcher at a human rights organization.
She is a legal expert on LGBT rights.
She interviews victims and witnesses of human rights abuses.
She is non-partisan, neutral, and professional observer who wants to hold accountable for their actions.
After conducting thorough research, she creates reports on the incident which are 50-150 pages long. In these reports, Anna describes her findings, documents how laws were broken, and provides her recommendations.
Anna is accompanied by one videographer on most occasions, but when that is not possible, she collects evidence on her cellphone.
She then transfers the media to their laptop and uploads it over WiFi.
Anna reaches out to communications and media teams before publishing the report.

Anna's Case Summary


  • Promoting just political systems, social justice, and fairness.
  • Interviewing human rights violation victims, witnesses, and experts.
  • Describing human rights abuses in reports and briefs based on field research & make recommendations.
  • Ensuring the incident gets maximum exposure

Goals and Motivations

  • Promoting just political systems, fairness, equality, and security.
  • Defending the human rights of individuals.
  • Holding people accountable for their actions.
  • Gathering accurate and verifiable data to expose human rights violations


  • Data captured on the field through interviews.
  • Videos, photos, and audio files captured (in the absence of a professional videographer).
  • Some data is uploaded via laptop, increasingly using mobile.


  • Uploading data in low connectivity.
  • Ease of uploading media and reports.
  • Workflow management.
  • Reliability.

Pain points

  • Low internet connectivity on the field leads to upload and sync problems while uploading content.
  • File management and uploading data to collections are difficult for mobile devices.
  • Data collected is in Gigabytes, transfer through mobile internet is inconvenient due to storage.
  • Phone apps compress video, and can't be used for production.
  • Moving mobile shot video on iPhone to a laptop for file management and upload/transfer.


  • The status bar will give researchers an indication of the percentage of uploads completed; Nearby shares.
  • Integrating with backend, so it has metadata, proof mode.
  • Discuss compression with HRW to see if it's an option to work with the compressed version sooner & get raw files later.
  • iPad/iOS/Mac version of the app to facilitate uploading through various devices.
  • Airdrop can make it easier to transfer files from mobile to iPad/Mac.